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Enhancing the Freight Order Overview – Part 1

Written by Emanuel Grabler
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Especially with the new development around Advance Shipping and Receiving released in S/4 HANA 2020 OP the Overview, as the central place for execution processing, became one of the most important screens in our Freight Order. But as we learned from Ben Parker “with great power comes great responsibility” and in our case this is the responsibility to serve and handle also customer specific requirements/enhancements.


Overview Example S/4HANA OP 2020

As the overview is a completely transient UI, which is built up over different entities and not based on FBI with a direct mapping of views to BO nodes, the enhancement process is rather specific and requires some knowledge around the underlying UI framework we introduced called TBI(Transient BOBF Integration) Sidenote: at least it is since 9.4, for the long term TM supporters you might remember the old BO transient node TOR~Overview.

In this two part enhancement guide series, I will describe the steps necessary to enhance the overview by a custom column filled by a field from a persisted field as well as a custom action to change this field as per the example requirement described below. The first part will focuse on required DDIC, BO and ABAP enhancements while the second part will mainly include the corresponding enhancements in the FPM layer.

Remark: Several Steps could have been performed in a different way, e.g. using customize component on the FPM side. Feel free to comment if you want to share any best practices from your projects on how you would alternatively tackle such a requirement.

Hope you enjoy:)

Requirement: The customer wants to add an additional status to the WH Load/Unloading Stop Level. This Status should be nicely visible represented by a traffic light on the corresponding lines of the TOR overview. The user should be able to change the status on either a single or multiple Sub-Stop instance at once, as he wants to e.g. trigger PPF activities based on the status.

An additional NFR is to not do any enhancements or modifications to any ABAP coding.

Data Structure & BO Enhancements

In this section we will take part of the structural changes on the backend object, that will enable us to store and manipulate our customer specific status.

DDIC Enhancement

This is a well known step for most of you and mainly included for the sake of completeness.

To properly enhance the

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