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Extending Work Orders – How to fix Contingent Workers with wrong status/blank portlets

Written by Antonio Pellegrino
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Contingent Workers extensions always seem to cause troubles in terms of wrong Job Information records getting created, Employee status wrongly updated, and sometimes, even Job Information portlets getting blanked out.

In order to make some clarity on this process, today we will analyse the specific steps to extend a Work Order (which means, changing its end date), but the same approach needs to be followed if any of the work order fields need to be changed.

Please note that it is recommended to perform these steps out of working hours and/or notify internally that users should avoid any activities in the system in that time frame. The reason is that during the final steps, there might be the need to amend some fields and make them temporarily non-mandatory.

The right place where a work order update should be initiated is the Edit icon next to the Work Order block:

Alternatively, you can select the Actions menu:

This is very important because the Work Order portlet follows slightly different rules compared to any other portlet.

In fact, it is not recommended to insert new records within the portlet by using the Insert Record option and any changes to an existing Work Order should be made on the initial record.

The reason is that, by adding additional records, you might mess up the Start and End Contingent Worker records automatically created in the Job Information portlet and the users’ status could be wrongly updated.

Sometimes, as mentioned before, it can also happen that some other portlets belonging to the Contingent Worker get blanked out on the UI, regardless of having all the information still available in the background.

In case you run into any of the issues described above, you can follow these steps to sort it out.


1. Take Work Order backup file and export Person and Employment Export report for the user as a backup

As for any implementation, it is always good practice to take a full backup of the data that you are going to handle.
This could be useful if anything goes wrong during the fix and you need to import back to data in order to re-establish the initial situation.
Moreover, some of the data included in the backup will be useful in the following steps.

In this case, we will need 2

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