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What’s New in Procurement Analytics – SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111

Written by Paul Blasius Louis
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In this blog post, you can find the latest collection of new capabilities and features in the area of Procurement Analytics – SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 version.

This blog post focuses on features that are delivered as part of enhanced and new applications for the release.

Please note that the Preliminary What’s New document for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 is available for customers and partners.

Customers and partners need a valid S-User to access the documents.

Enhanced and New Features:

Product Carbon Footprint

With this app, you can track the carbon footprint of the products being requested in purchase requisitions. These metrics are vital to achieving your organization’s sustainability goals, and are calculated using the SAP Product Footprint Management solution on the SAP Business Technology Platform (integration with SAP Product Footprint Management is required to view data on this app).

Display Purchasing Document Items without GR-based Invoice Verification

With this app, you can monitor purchase order documents, for which the goods receipt based invoice verification flag is not set, but the goods receipt is posted and returns or cancellations exist. You can further filter these documents based on criteria such as relative date function, supplier, material, material group, or plant.

You can also directly navigate to the Adjust Operational Supplier Evaluation Score app to view and if required to manually change the supplier evaluation scores for these purchasing documents.

Enhancements in Price History for Central Purchase Contract Items

With this app, you can now filter the version history details based on Condition Change Valid From, Condition Change Valid To, Plant and more.

The Price History for Central Purchase Contract Items app allows you to view the chart and tabular representation of the price and condition history of central purchase contract items. The data is displayed according to supplier, company code, central purchasing organization and group, and plant.


With this CDS view, you can now view purchase info record changes, for example change in units, currency, field value, and text. For more information, see Analytics.

OData API: Manage User-Defined Criteria

With this inbound OData service, you can create, read, update, and delete user-defined criteria for supplier evaluation. You can define the criteria based on which the performance of the supplier is evaluated.
For example, Return can be a user-defined criteria to evaluate the performance of a supplier based on the number of items returned to the supplier.

This is an OData version 4 service. This version aims to

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