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Monday, 18 October 2021 19:23

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central: 2H 2021 Release Highlights

Written by Nagesh Polu
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The Release blog series is back!

This blog highlights my favorites of SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) 2H release innovations. Once again, SAP SuccessFactors team, I can say they did a good job in accommodating something every corner, especially in country/region specifics. Few enhancements are again based out of customer community ideas. This looks very encouraging. Keep going!

As always, this blog doesn’t cover any time and attendance innovations, I will cover entire time management in the next blog.

Alright, here is my favorites from 2H 2021:

  1. Deep Link to People Profile Block Supported in Alert Email Notifications: Good Start! Hope to see more tags coming from SAP SuccessFactors team. This innovation is all about enhances alerting experience by navigating users directly to a relevant People Profile block page. When you configure your alert message, system now invite you with a new tag to generate a deep link that takes users to a specific block page of People Profile. But remember, only alerts for the following seven Employee Central entities are supported: 
  • Compensation Information
  • Employment Information
  • Global Assignment
  • Job Information
  • Non-Recurring Pay Components
  • Recurring Pay Components
  • Work Permit
    • Configuration Type: Universal

Note: Currently, adding the tag in the header isn’t supported.

  1. Enhanced HRIS Sync Mappings in Business Configuration UI: Enhanced version, addition to previous enhancement, SAP is now allowing us to add, edit, or delete HRIS Elements mapping in the HRIS Sync Mappings section. Any change you make in the HRIS Sync mapping section is available in the HRIS Elements.


    • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Manage Conditional Groups and Defaults: You can now autofill employee data and position attribute values based on organizational and employment grouping criteria. Well, you heard it right. Thanks to SAP once again for listening to customers. With this feature, you can configure complex selection criteria (conditions) without any code in business rules to achieve conditional defaults. With this innovation, we can set defaults for fields of type MDF, Foundation, and Picklist. The entities are currently supported:
  • Position,
  • Job Information,
  • Compensation Information, and
  • Employment Details
    • Configuration Type: Universal

Note: You can configure only 15 condition fields for each group. For example, 15 for Employer Group, 15 for Employee Group.


  1. Enhanced Validation for Background Element Configuration: Nice to have! We now see a validation message to notify us not to configure the same values for the Data Field ID and Background Element ID.
    • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Downloading the Import Template for
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