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S/4HANA Upgrade 1809 to 2020 – SDMI Lessons Learned Part 2

Written by Nandakumar Ramamoorthy
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We upgraded from S/4HANA 1809 FPS 02 to 2020 FPS01 recently and I want to share the errors and troubleshooting related to the Silent Data Migration from this upgrade.

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with SDMI during downtime (Part 1) before continuing reading the rest of this blog.

Problem Statement 1

During the very first upgrade in sandbox (copy of production), the SUM upgrade phase MAIN_NEWBAS/PARRUN_SILENT_DATA_MIGR ran for an hour and ended with following error:


Checks after phase MAIN_NEWBAS/PARRUN_SILENT_DATA_MIGR were negative


The log file SDMI_SUM_PROC_<client>.<SID> mentioned in the SUM screen is the starting point:

A4 EUPGBA 505 “CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP”: Records still to be processed: “133.621.311” on “10.05.2021” at “09:36:18”
A4 EUPGBA 507 “CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP”: Number of active tasks: “42”
A2EEUPGBA 502 “CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP” client “100” finished with error on “10.05.2021” at “09:59:31”
A4 EUPGBA 506 “CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP”: Records to be processed at end of migration: “122.281.311”
A2EEUPGBA 509 SDM stops all migrations due to a migration error
A4 EUPGBA 508 See SAP note 2725109 describes how to analyse error during SDM Migration
A4 EUPGBA 513 “CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP”: Troubleshooting: run SLG1 in client “100” with:
A4 EUPGBA 515 – External ID = “CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP*”
A4 EUPGBA 026 === End of process “Creating SDM User and starting SDM Migrations” log messages ===
A4 EUPGBA 001 ————————————————————————-
A4 EUPGBA 002 ” ”
A4 EUPGBA 005 Report name …: “R_SILENT_DATA_MIGR_SUM”
A4 EUPGBA 007 Start time ….: “10.05.2021” “09:04:06”
A4 EUPGBA 008 End time ……: “10.05.2021” “09:59:31”

The note 2725109 basically describes the same that is already in the log.

Since the system is still in downtime, need to execute unlocksys command (refer upgrade guide) to unlock the system first.

Go to SLG1 in the client with SDMI error and list for object SDMI_MIgration and External ID as the class id with * as suffix.

SDM CL_SDM_SDBIL_VBRP registered for parallel execution (100%)
Starting at 10.05.2021 09:04:23
– on host dummyhost work process 28
Dispatcher Timeout: “PackSel 4363-4378” waited 300
sec for collector
Ending at 10.05.2021 09:59:31
– on host dummyhost work process 54
Records to be processed at first migration run: 142281311
Records to be processed at start of migration run: 142281311
Records to be processed at end of migration run: 122281311

There was no documentation that we could find that could help with this error, so we raised an SAP incident for BC-CCM-SDM

As per SAP Support

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