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SAP HANA (428)

In the previous article we discussed an approach to dynamically display full screen and detailed screen. In the approach

Not only User Interface, but good User Experience is the ultimate aim of every ERP industry. Therefore, UI5 is the future in SAP. Do not get us wrong,

Going through the tutorial and delivering actual project requirements are two different ball games. The real world scenarios are quite challenging than the demo exercises we do for

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 14:06

XSOData and Hana Database Views for Beginners

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There are plenty of tutorials on OData but not many are available on XSOData. So we thought of starting a series on this topic which would not

No HANA, no UI5 no OData in this article. This is a basic ABAP utility code snippet

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 03:20

Book Review – ABAP to the Future

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There was a violent shake up at SAP community this month. SAP eliminated and dissolved the position of the Director of SAP Labs and Chief Product Expert. Both

Every time you tell someone that you are an ABAP developer, prompt come the question. Which SAP Module developer are you? In the early days, I used to

Bankruptcy is a second chance provided by the federal court to the consumer to get a “fresh start”. Bankruptcy also treats all creditors fairly and all debts must

Fiori and SAPUI5 are the secret love of all ABAP Developers. Deep in the heart they want to own

We always learn a “Hello World” program or app in any new technology. But when you are placed in real projects, you would have requirement like to read