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SAP HANA (579)

Key Highlights

  • Companies choose to implement Central Finance as part of their phased approach to implementing the full S4/HANA application. Central Finance provides the architecture foundation to transition to S4 with

In the first part, we create a model in SAP Analytics Cloud and we also created a table for the Currency Conversion containing the conversation rates.

In the next few steps

At the Esri UC in July, Esri and SAP announced that ArcGIS Enterprise now supports SAP HANA Service (also known as HANA as a Service or HaaS for short).  This means

My beginning

When I started with SAP BW in 2005 times were different. The release I started was 2.1c and already a little bit old these days. I think ODS objects

One of the biggest challenges with SAP HANA databases are the duration of the startups. Here we have to separate the available time and the reload time.
In my career as

In my role at SAP I am very fortunate to work with some of the brightest developers in the world—internal to SAP, at our customers, and with our technology partners. So

When I started working on XS advanced developments in Web IDE for HANA, it took some time to understand  how Applications and services  getting created in a space for Data base

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