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Adobe Forms gives a lot of flexibility in real time business cases and can be helpful to automate the complex business processes. In one of my previous blogs,

In this blog, I am going to share how to create a simple SAPUI5 app to upload .csv file into SAP HANA XSA tables. We will create the multi-target-application that consist

Routing is required when there are 2 or more views in an application. If the application consists of 2 or more full page views, routing is easier to

There are certain technologies in SAP which every one is aware of, but not all know

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Security is important aspect in any Enterprise conversational system when it is Hosted in Public social media like WhatsApp, Facebook etc, Because now a days everyone got smart phone.

Agenda : This document gives brief insight into new output management for S/4 Hana (Using BRF+) and how to use the new OM for printing and for the purpose of IDOC

This blog post is proposed for the Central Finance implementation project team. Sharing this information based on my experience in Central Finance project. The landscape was SAP 4.6C source system, separate

This posting will give an overview of the implications of the setting “Execute in SQL Engine”. This setting is available for Calculation Views to overrule the default execution behavior.


Key Highlights – SAP HANA Audit Policies

  • Audit logs in HANA enables management to monitor and record selected actions performed at the database level. Many important audit policies, including HANA user