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After working with SAP for more than 15 years and travelling across the Globe for SAP Projects one issue I always use to have how can I keep track of

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 15:23

Entity Manipulation Language – EML | RAP Series

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What is EML?

Entity Manipulation Language (EML) is a part of the ABAP language. It means that there are new syntaxes available in ABAP to

  • control the business object’s behavior in the

I hope everyone is excited about this year teched and waiting to try out all those new technologies from SAP, and here I am, writing this blog post about an old

I’d like to share a little small personal project that I’ve created to get some hands on with Google’s Teachable Machine. If you’ve not heard of Teachable Machine, just head on

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 00:03

Advanced Exception Aggregation with ABAP CDS View

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Sometimes you need to use exception aggregation result in subsequent exception aggregation in order to archive desired result with ABAP CDS view. It is possible with multiple exception aggregation steps.


Tuesday, 24 November 2020 19:37

How to Send Email from SAP ABAP Query Report ?

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In SAP most of the time when we create a ABAP Query report we do it to download it to our Local file and then we need to send

Tuesday, 24 November 2020 10:42

Problems with ZUGFeRD conversion

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I’ve got a pdf in XSTRING, I’ve got some PEPPOL XML. I want to produce from this a ZUGFeRD PDF.

With my first solution, I was testing and it worked

For a project idea I wanted to send plain text files to my github repository. With the help of Lars Hvam I managed to write a little program to download,

Some years ago I created a small introduction into OData development for my colleagues. Last week some developers at my current client told me this was still a nice document if

It’s a very common requirement to remove the leading zero at ALV list output or send out an excel file as an email attachment. There’re many documents that describe how to

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