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In the last blog post I presented the problem I had and described the tool I created to solve this problem.
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In a nutshell, the

Dear community, this week I would like to share another example with you. It’s about my attempts to avoid unnecessary comments. The source code should “tell” the story ? Unfortunately, my


Field Masking for SAP GUI/Webgui/Fiori is a solution to protect sensitive data on SAP application at field level. An authorized user will see the original data and unauthorized user will

Scenario 1:  Creation of Inbound Delivery in EWM (From ERP Inbound Delivery ).

  1. When an Inbound delivery is created in ERP (VL31n), the data from ERP delivery is passed to the

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Recently, I had requirement for schedule the job in SM37 when second job will start once the first finished. But when you schedule two

I’ve been cleaning up some legacy ABAP code lately, and a reoccurring theme is poor exception handling. In this post, I’ll explain why ABAP exception handling shouldn’t be treated like a

Dear community, in many processes, message control plays an important role in the output of document data. Printing is often used as the output. In

If you have ever used an inbuilt gateway client in SAP for testing your OData services, you must have wondered, isn’t there a better & more effective tool to do

As I promised in my last post, today I come back writing about my experiences with the “use simple types” approach I mentioned there.

The approach

  • Avoid references to DDIC types (i.e. structures,

Dear community, I recently presented a calculation example with ABAP, Open SQL and ABAP CDS in this blog. It was about the different technologies that can be used

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