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So, Eclipse 2020-06 is here!

Here’s what I always do:

0. Trying to remember how I did things last time
1. Finding that blog on Lean Eclipse again
2. Find

Tuesday, 07 July 2020 01:05

RAP( Restful ABAP programming) for OnPrem S4HANA

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Since 1909 release SAP came up with new innovation in the programming model of SAP for Services.

That is RESTFul programming Model ( RAP),  this is huge improvement over current

Saturday, 04 July 2020 12:22

Cheaper Unit Tests with less Mock Logic

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Automated tests have become an important part in my professional life as a software developer. However, you cannot always avoid external dependencies of individual methods you want to test. The more

Have you ever purchased a new car?  You drive off the lot and suddenly, bang!  Your new car is a used car and worth significantly less.  Sometimes that is what I

Saturday, 04 July 2020 17:27

Create a WebAR experience with ABAP and Ar.js

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TL;DR: A fun and small proof-of-concept development in ABAP BSP with AR.js to display the PO’s overall status in real-time on a browser through WebAR.

I’ve recently come across this awesome

Friday, 03 July 2020 15:22

fantasy database table

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Dear community, do you know the PICO-8? It’s a fantasy video game console (virtual machine). I’ve played with it a little bit because I found the idea very

Native SQL in S4 Reports without using EXEC SQL statement and having a better performance when using this FM


Kingsley Hopper

03 – July – 2020

Hi All

How are

Thursday, 02 July 2020 23:41

Custom Entities – SAP Cloud Platform

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Custom entities are data definitions, which does not have a select statement on data source but we define return fields and their types. In case of custom entities their data

Introduction to SFTP:

SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol

This creates an encrypted channel between SAP and the targeted system SFTP. In cloud environment most of the client follows this concept

I have been thinking more about creating new ABAP-code, lately.

For years, the ABAP-Report hast been my default-solution for that.
(Like the blog is my default in SAP-Community – with some

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