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SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris (155)

The purpose of this work is to describe and demonstrate how Vue Storefront can be integrated with SAP Commerce as well as identify the weaknesses, pitfalls and bottlenecks of the

We are counting the days till the opening of our refurbished Labs Showroom and Innovation Space in Munich.

Yesterday the furniture for the Design Thinking workshop area finally arrived. Here we’ll

Sponsored by Labs China MD office, SAP CX Digital Innovation Space brought the showcase AR Soccer to d-kom 2019 Shanghai. With actual requirements provided by a potential customer, AR

As we’re all familiar with, SAP releases new editions of SAP Commerce Cloud approximately every 3 months. Their latest release, 1811 (“18” for 2018, “11” for November) came with the promise

Over a year ago, EPAM released an SAP Commerce Cloud + Sitecore connector, giving enterprises a golden opportunity to bootstrap an end-to-end, best-of-breed e-commerce plus CMS solution faster than ever.


In the various sources, the terms like Autocomplete and Suggestions are not defined clearly. They turned out to be too wide to avoid confusion when defining design patterns and software requirements. The customers

Edufy? What’s that? Let me explain: we at Labs saw an opportunity to give learners back control regarding the how, when & what they do learn. Instead of learning new

SAP Commerce Cloud has been one of predominant commerce platforms for medium and large enterprise clients across the globe for at least 2-3 years now. (This is probably why you are

If you have been working in the consulting industry for your whole career, one thing that you fail to truly appreciate is the longevity of code. More often than not, it

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