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SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris (226)

This blog post in an update on the smart mirror v2. To fully understand this update, it will be beneficial to read the previous posts about the smart mirror and Edge

by Payal Gupta

In mid- September 2019, we headed off to sunny San Francisco to validate our Levi’s Pocket Stylist app with both customers and store stylists to get firsthand feedback

Last week I was at MCubed London, a machine learning conference organised by heise Verlag and The Register. I gave two talks at the conference:

  • uTensor – Embedded Devices And Machine Learning

How many highly technical acronyms can you potentially use for the title of a blog post :-) Believe me, I had in mind to combine this post with two more topics…

The Smart Mirror v2 offers the possibility to promote certain products. In our first example, we first used glasses. These could be part of a new eye wear collection. In addition

Together with Matt Netkow from Ionic we discuss cross-platform app development based on web technologies and progressive web apps (PWA). For everyone new to app development, we’re also introducing the key

The original smart mirror that our team has created is now a few years old and we thought the time and technology maturity is right to work on an updated version

This was my first evervisit to Japan, so you can imagine I was excited like a tourist. I was reallylooking forward to experiencing the different culture, the food, the art andalso

In my previous blog post I showed how to detect a helmet with feature extraction. In this blog post, I will present a different view of this data.

Back in 2013 (!), we’ve experimented with data transmission via sound. We called this prototype Stream and it was super well received

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