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S4/HANA (85)

Customersin their digital journey with S/4HANA are often perplexed on various questionspertaining to historic data. Such as

As businesses evolve, the IT landscape becomesincreasingly complex. Today, the IT landscape and all enterprise applications needto provide greater

Our client is a global eye care leaderwith over 19,000employees serving

Infosys achieves successful conversion with smoothfunctioning from Day 1

Migration or conversion from SAP ECC

For the past several years, SAP has been hosting regional "miniSAPPHIRES" called SAP NOW in various countries. Their aim

Today,every enterprise wants to become more intelligent through digitaltransformation. Infosys, along with partners Microsoft and SAP, has built acomposite

SAP’s road map experts will be at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference 2019 to help plan and implement a customer’s digital journey.

Customers and partners will have the opportunity

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