Standard service - a fixed amount of work that is performed at a fixed price.  Post Service



S4/HANA (30)

SAP S/4HANA Finance solution has revolutionizedthe way Finance functions are performed in a organization

"Data Quality as a Service"- The Challenge and The Opportunity


Enterprise data quality

As I write, this is no more a buzz and we arestanding at the dawn of the digital disruption. The impact of the digitaltechnologies can be seen around in our personal

In my last blog titled Leverage quick wins with Central Finance solution

Asorganizations, with increasingly diverse, multi-cultural workforces manage andengage a globalized millennial workforce, old school methods like emails

Leveraging our extensiveexperience gained by catering to various industries across the globe, includingFortune 500 companies, Infosys

While the evolutionof technology has made HR digital transformation essential, the

"SAP Leonardo will unlock the full potential of the intelligent enterprise" - Bill McDermott

SAP Leonardo is

SAP's TechEd event organized in Bangalore inOctober 2017 presented us with amazing opportunities to showcase Infosys'thought leadership. A

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