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ORACLE (150)

<?php/*|| Function Name: update_member*/function update_member($account_number,$member_type,$credit_card_number,$credit_card_type){// Include the credentials file if omitted.include_once("");// Assign credentials to connection.$mysqli=new mysqli(HOSTNAME, USERNAME, PASSWORD, DATABASE);// Check for connection error and print message.if($mysqli->connect_errno){print$mysqli->connect_error."<br />";print"Connection not established ...<br />";}else{// 

Six years ago I wrote a common lookup post to illustrate the effectiveness of things used throughout your applications. Now, I’m updating my student image with a more complete solution to

Many developers already know about the change from int to serial in Postgres. Serial is simpler because it automatically makes the column not null and links it to a sequence. The

/* Create a keyspace in Cassandra, which is like a database in MySQL or a schema in Oracle. */CREATE KEYSPACE IFNOT EXISTS student WITH REPLICATION ={'class':'SimpleStrategy','replication_factor': 1}AND DURABLE_WRITES =true;/* Use the 

Great news – and I’m just putting the pieces together. Oracle EBS 12.2 on-prem is now certified with Oracle 19c.


I like Oracle, you like ANSI – but that’s OK! We can both win!

How to switch back-and-forth.

A wee secret…even ANSI joins often run as Oracle

If you look at the code,

Oh … time flies so fast. Just a few days until I will sit in a airplane to SFO. And on Monday at 7:00h the registration opens. As

Based on user feedback, we implemented a minor change in the UI for defining attributes or columns for your entities and tables in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler version 19.2.


Monday after POUG is hard. As I wrote a year ago, a post-conference blues feeling hit me again. But this time I will get quicker over it as

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