ORACLE (185)

For a few days, in addition to Linux and SPARC Solaris, Oracle Database 19c (19.3.0) for HP-UX and AIX is available for download now as

The last DOAG 2018 conference happened half a year ago – time flies! And if you are eagerly waiting for a lot of cool presentation by very experienced speakers, then

My students wanted a quick solution on how to find the log files that contain errors. That’s a simple line of code in Linux if you want any Oracle errors that

Actually I missed to blog about this change but luckily a colleague did ask a question the other week about the migration of jobs when you upgrade to Oracle 19c.

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Sometimes it is necessary to warn you about known pitfalls to avoid frustration. In this particular case I decided not to blog about it simply

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I have a good numbers of customers waiting for it – and since two days Oracle GoldenGate 19c is available for download for Linux. You

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Last week a very experienced colleague called me. He had issues with an export dump taken from an Oracle 20c database importing into 19c. It

When I think about Vienna, the Falco song “Vienna Calling” from 1985 is coming to my mind immediately. It was on “

Installing Chrome wasn’t as easy just running the yum utility. You need to download it from the following website.

When you try to use the rpm utility to run

Sometimes I get poorly thought or just naive questions. That is naive questions because they didn’t read the documentation or don’t understand the semantics of a given programming language. The question