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ORACLE (168)

I have a million ideas for blog posts. But I like it even more when people ask me to explain something on the blog which isn’t there yet but may be

Today I’ve had two very exciting labs at Collaborate 2019 conference. And no worries if you couldn’t finish the lab on time. You can download it via the

I have to be careful when posting something today. But this is actually not an April’s fool joke. Collaborate Conference is less than a week away. And for me this

Oracle Database 19c is available for Exadata on-prem for quite a few weeks now. But even if you didn’t download it yet, you may want to use the

What happens when your 16 year old doesn’t know he has a hole in his pocket, the iPhone slips down his pant leg unnoticed, and he runs over the device with

Oracle 18c Express Edition (XE) for Windows is available for download as of now. Oracle XE 18c on other platforms is available since November 2018. As of now you

With Oracle Database 19c being available on Exadata now, and most likely soon on-prem as well, there’s a significant change you should be aware of when using image processing

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Oracle Database 19.2 for Oracle Exadata systems is available for download since yesterday night. One important thing you need to take into account once Oracle 19c will be generally