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Last year at the UI5con ON AIR 2020, we promised to enable TypeScript for UI5 application development and demonstrate it at the UI5con ONAIR 2021.

ES6 and

You read it right!

It is possible to resize columns in the responsive table. This is all possible via the sap.m.plugins.ColumnResizer plugin, which must be attached to the responsive


The feedback we received showed clearly that our users desire faster and easier time picker, especially on mobile. To improve the usability of the control, we have conducted a user study, testing different time picker

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to set the visibleRowCount parameter of a GridTable in a Fiori Elements List Report.

Does anyone know of an annotation or manifest setting or

I have a consumption view marked @Analytics.query: true

This is driving a FIORI Elements List Report/Object Page application.

I'm using VSCode with FIORI Tools (I can use BAS if it helps)

I create some application in Fiori on 7.51 version system. After transporting ready solution to another system with NW 7.52, there I got different CDS like version lower. I mean that

What is the meaning of create, display, modify action indicates in fiori app configuration? Is it possible to provide our own action?

On April 14th, I had the chance to present the “Latest Developments in (and around) UI5” as a SAP Community Call.

During the session several questions have been raised which

SAPUI5 flexibility allows to shape UIs to create a tailored user experience. Developers can extend UIs without touching the source code of an original application, key users can adapt UIs

Thursday, 08 April 2021 15:33

UI5 Web Components version RC.12 is here!

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We are happy to share the highlights of Release Candidate 12 of UI5 Web Components with you.

Release Candidate 12 is the last version to support Internet Explorer. We introduced a

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