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SAP UI5 (7)

We always try to bring our UI5 documentation as close to the developer as possible. This is why we constantly investigate and develop new approaches to give users the information

Plenty has already been written about SAP Fiori 3 – the reimagined design, the new concepts and integration aspects. Let’s turn the talk into action: With UI5 1.65, we have

Moving from Bower to npm

About four years ago we released the OpenUI5 sources to GitHub. Shortly after that, we also made the OpenUI5 libraries available for consumption with the 

SAP delivers SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 with maintenance and innovation versions on several platforms and environments.

Recently we received customer feedback and understand the request to consume UI5 innovations not only

Our previous announcement introduced monthly releases for SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 – a great way to try fresh innovations every month. Today, we’d like to highlight new options to consume OpenUI5,

Some of you might’ve already explored the youngest member of our UI5 family on GitHub: UIVeri5. So, it’s high time to introduce this new framework to you!


There are

UI5 Web Components – the enterprise-flavored sugar on top of native APIs!

Over the last months, we worked hard to create a new offering for you and get it on its