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Hello SAP community,

We would like to share one working sample of the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central connecting with the SAP HCM ERP using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) +

This technical article describes how to ensure a smooth transition from an existing Account Creation Start Date (e.g.Employee Hire Date) to a new option (e.g. based on Service Entry Date) and

In this blog entry, we will focus on one particular benefit type being supported in SAP SF EC Global Benefits: insurance. Insurances are a big part of enterprises the employee’s perk

Hi Successfolks!

I am back with a quick treat which might add value to your timesheet implementation project.

Introduction: The customer has implemented Employee Central Timesheet and Time-off with integration to

Hello All,

Below is the rule to restrict numeric value/digits in the first name field.

Step 1 – Create a Rule. Base Object – Personal Infomation.

Step 2 –

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my another blog, When we start our journey in professional career, we all go through Employee On-Boarding process which includes contract signing, background verification etc. Similarly when

  • Load packages to SAP

Step 2: Basic Settings in SAP ERP HCM – Prerequisites

Before setting up the SAP ERP HCM system, the following topics need to be

Hello Friends,

Welcome to one of my Blog

Today I am talking about the Data Model Right to Return. The term “right to return” describes a situation where an employee on

How to Convert Single EC Event “Leave of Absence” into different Action Type (PA0000-MASSN) for SAP HCM:

If we implement Leave of Absence in SuccessFactors Employee Central, then based on Time

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