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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my another Interesting Blog “How to setup Travel to Reimbursement for SAP S/4HANA Cloud” In this blog series i will explain the the business process for travel

I like how easy it is to stay in the know on the latest updates from SAP SuccessFactors.  If you are not taking advantage of them already, here are my top

Creating Loans:

In this blog post you will learn about how to create Loans in detailed steps and what are all the objects that are referred and used.

Introduction: Loans are

Today, there are many various HR solutions designed to help employers improve employee management, or better said, improve employee experience.  

It can be very hard to choose solutions that can

Auditors often inquire about personal data changes & configuration data changes reports for audit purposes. SAP SuccessFactors offers a quick solution to extract different type of Personal data change report and


One of the most awaited features has been released in 1911. Now, you can configure auto approvals in a workflow.

To prevent workflows from being stalled at a certain approval


A new feature for No-Show for New hire was introduced in 1911.

What is it?

A new ‘Take Action’ Report No-Shows which calls a UI (resembling a simplified

Hello Friends, in this blog post i would like to explain with an example how we can use the Time valuation type “Aggregate Input Groups and Split”. Although we have description

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If you are a tech person, the term ‘product lifecycle’ is something that you daily come across. Any type of disruption in this cycle will render the end product useless. There

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