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Today Oracle has released its quarterly patch update for July 2018. It fixes a record number of 334 vulnerabilities.

The main highlights are as follows:

  • The average number of security

BRF+ is an ABAP based framework and part of the NetWeaver stack. BRF+ stands for Business Rule Framework Plus and it provides a comprehensive application programming interface and user interface

As usual, we are coming up with a new cyber attack week digest. Are you ready to learn about the most notorious incidents of the last week?

Macy’s reports about

We are not breaking with the tradition of posting our cyber attack week digest. So, let’s move on to the latest incidents of the week 27.

Even coffee

The SAP threat landscape is always expanding thus putting organizations of all sizes and industries at risk of cyber attacks. The idea behind the monthly SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence report is

ABAP Sample Requirement: 1

Upload an excel file from local system( Ex: PC ) and insert those records into the database table using ABAP.

Step 1: Create a ZTable with the below

Requirement: 2

Upload an excel file from presentation server and display those records in an ALV using cl_gui_alv_grid

To display excel sheet data in ALV grid,

  1. 1. Data deceleration’s for ALV, Custom

Requirement:  Send a excel sheet as E-mail attachment using CL_BCS for the displayed ALV.

To send a excel sheet as e-mail attachment,

    1. 1. Create a button in application toolbar to send a mail.

Nowadays, digital technology being integrated into all areas of a business is accompanied by persistent cyberattacks. This is particularly true for such broadly used systems as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Taking

As Oracle customers migrate from legacy on-premise systems to Oracle Fusion Cloud, integration can pose an obstacle.

We at Jade Global, a Dell Boomi partner and global IT consulting firm, have

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