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We hope you like our tradition to post our weekly cyber attack digest and today, we have something new for you.

Millions of records exposed on a hosting

Saturday, 15 September 2018 09:04

Abap 7.52 Free Developer Edition

На днях вышла новейшая версия Abap 7.52, которую можно бесплатно скачать и установить на свой компьютер или ноутбук.

Эта версия позволит ознакомиться с последними достижениями в абапостроении, функциональном программировании и прочими

Если вдруг нужно на лету поменять текст переменной экрана NAME, ее текстовое значение хранится в переменной %_NAME_%_APP_%-TEXT


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The SAP threat landscape is always expanding thus putting organizations of all sizes and industries at risk of cyber attacks. The idea behind the monthly SAP Cyber Threat Intelligence report is

We are ready to give you a new portion of the freshest security news in our weekly cyber attack digest. Keep in touch with the latest incidents of the security

Learn about the latest cyber incidents news in our weekly cyber attack digest.

Bank of Spain in the next bank victim

by Reuters – 27

Для тех, кто не любит создавать средства поиска в тр. SE11, SAP сделал ФМ F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST. Подробности тут


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This blog post is from our friends at RSR International.

In this blog, I would like to share my experience in relation with resourcing & project success on both sides

Are you ready for this week’s cyber attack digest? If yes, then have a look on our compilation of security incidents of the week 34.

Fake login

It is Monday again, and we are ready to give you an overlook on the latest incidents in the sphere of cyber security. As you remember, for a couple of

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