In this blog post we will discuss regarding hdbuserstore functionality that is used for connect S/4 Application server to HANA DB server.

Recently I have worked on S/4 HANA 1809 implementation

Last week, SAP + Esri co-hosted the third innovation hackathon in Den Bosch, Netherlands. In the newly opened SAP Experience Center, customers and partners came together to experience first-hand the power

By now we assume most of you know Core Data Services. CDS is database independent and you do NOT need to be in S/4HANA or SAP on HANA.

An economy is nothing more than the aggregate of its markets. To be an effective leader of a corporation or government, an understanding of the economy is essential. All attempts to

Liquibase is a popular open source database schema management tool. The tool uses the concept of change sets to manage the evolution of a database schema. The change sets can

It has been a couple of weeks since I blogged last time, but I think I’m now on track with other projects and I’m happy to continue the SAP on Azure

SAP Adobe Form is one technology which deserves better recolonization than it is given. You think of a requirement and you can do it in Adobe. In this



This Blog post explains step by step procedure. How to Load data to the SQL source to SAP HANA through SAP BODS.


You already have a HANA database running in your SCP trial account.


In this blog post, I will discuss a common problem which a developer face when

As part of my Fellowship in the SAP Customer Experience Labs team, I had the chance to host a 1-day Design Thinking (DT) workshop in our Munich office. To summarize it