Sometimes functional requirements for data warehouses (DWH) include support of time-dependency for master data. For example, in the real world, a manager changes their city from time to time. According to

When I first started thinking of the idea of a full day SAP Inside Track event here in Melbourne I did wonder whether or not anyone would turn up. ? While

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I wanted to write a quick blog that covers a few topics that fall under the 1LQ – Output Management scope item for SAP S/4HANA single-tenant and

Hi, in this post I would like to share how to create RRI to Portfolio and Project Management WebDynpro Applications from BW reports. This solution is based on creation a customer

If you are curious like me, you always wanted an SAP sandbox that you could mess around, or maybe you just want some place for your side projects or to contribute

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Today I am talking about the Data Model Right to Return. The term “right to return” describes a situation where an employee on

I would like to introduce you to the next generation development model for Hana, the HanaAppContainer project. It should be

  • easy to use
  • powerful
  • simple to setup
  • run-everywhere, from a laptop to on-prem to a

In April 2019 the first version of the R and Python client APIs, exposing SAP HANA’s embedded Machine Learning capabilities to Data Scientists in their expert languages, has been released (see

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful tool to visualize data. Even though it is a cloud framework, it could be very helpful in some cases to get a look behind the scenes.