I wanted to get Java working with PostgreSQL to test some GUI interfaces on Linux. Figuring out the necessary JAR file for the JDBC was my first hurdle. I found it

I’m migrating my database classes from the Oracle database to the PostgreSQL database. Using the Oracle Express Edition has always required a virtualized image because students use Windows and Mac OS.

Did you know that the oracle-base.com website has video content on YouTube? I know that many of your are forbidden from having fun at work learning via video, but rest assured

In this feature episode we’re taking a closer look at IOTA, the first open-source distributed ledger that is being built to power the future of the Internet of Things with feeless

How would it be if you have a system that scales your sales force, encodes the knowledge of your sales representatives, contracts deals and negotiates the best terms and conditions

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Which 5 key technologies do you think could define the next five years? Cryptocurrencies? Edge computing? Brain to computer interfaces? AI-driven development? Autonomous delivery?

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What are IDOCs and how you can use them

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Dmitry Kaglik

November 4, 2019


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IDOC, or Idoc, or IDoc. This is an abbreviation that every SAP consultant hears from time to

In this blog series you will find quotes, backgrounds, suggested further readings and other information related to my latest book SAP HANA 2.0, An Introduction published by SAP

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Once again I am writing this because of the motivation i am receiving from one of the most important course running @openSAP Introduction to Statistics and i am sure

Shoppers want what they want – but often times they don’t actually know what they want. Yet they’re more likely to buy a product and spend more on related products if