The Intelligent Order Promising –S/4 HANA advanced ATP (aATP)

As an important and integral part of the order fulfilment process, S/4 HANA advanced Available-to-promise provides accurate and reliable order promise dates

In this blog you will find links to recordings of presentations that together make the SAP TechEd 2019 learning journey SEC3: Securely build, extend, and integrate your business applications in the

Leaders at the highest-performing companies already know that nothing beats the business value of accurate, fast data. However, taking full advantage of all the precious data from machine learning, internet of

With the proliferation of digital transformation and all of its associated  technologies such as RPA, cloud, AI etc. software vendors are swiftly adapting their current product offerings to meet the new

Criei esse relatório com objetivo de antecipar a tomada de decisão dos gestores em receber ou não uma ordem de venda que tem margem ou não para empresa.

Facilitando a visualização

SAP CMO Alicia Tillman is known for being a to-the point straight shooter. It is therefore especially noteworthy when she says, “The SAP Innovation Awards is an extraordinary program that celebrates

While building my PostgreSQL environment for the class, I had to write a couple utilities. They do the following:

  1. Drops all the tables from a schema.
  2. Drops all the sequences from a schema

Подробная и простая инструкция как создать версию Eclipse запускаемую с USB накопителя в комплекте с ADT.

For a long time now we have been waiting to get pivoting functionality with SAP HANA. This was not possible and there have been several attempts to get same functionality with