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About US

SAPBAZAR was founded by a group of SAP consultants with 15-20 years of experience and a thorough understanding of SAP, its systems, and the industry. There are several freelancing websites where you can find experienced professionals to help you with almost any task, but even though SAP covers many industrial solutions, it is a highly specialized field. SAP system is very much inside a network of a company, inaccessible without the right credentials, and work on it requires finding the right person at the right time, which is almost impossible at non-specialized freelancer websites. That is why ‘’ was created: to gather SAP experts and everyone who needs SAP services at one place, and make the entire process as fast and hassle-free as possible.


SAPBAZAR is a platform dedicated to directly connecting SAP clients with SAP consultants. Whether you're in need of the right specialist to help your company with the SAP software, or are an experienced SAP consultant looking to offer his or her services to the clients all over the world, ProLegion is the best place on the web to do it hassle-free, in a way suited to your specific needs.


SAPBAZAR works pretty much like any other freelancing website: as a SAP consultant, you create your profile and apply for the jobs that interest you, and as a client, you post the jobs and choose the expert best suited to your unique needs, whether you need a SAP solution, installation, or maintenance. Your privacy and security are always respected, and we do our best not just to keep ProLegion a platform where complex work gets done efficiently, but also a place enjoyable for all.