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June 25, 2019

The Levi’s Pocket Stylist

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Do you remember our Changing Room prototype? It was quite popular at the time. Probably, because it dealt with a scenario everybody could relate to, but it also
June 20, 2019

Historic Data - Carry what you need in S/4HANA

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Tweet Customersin their digital journey with S/4HANA are often perplexed on various questionspertaining to historic data. Such as

Jun 20, 2019 25

How to use jMeter to test SAP cloud API which is authenticated by SAP ID service

Recently, I was working on a co-innovation project with one local partner in China. They…
Jun 17, 2019 43

ISU – Master Data in SAP ISU Overview

In the other three articles on SAP IS-U, we tried to explain the bankruptcy write-off…
Jun 17, 2019 34

Data Analytics for Precision Medicine

According to an article published by the British Medical Journal in 2013, medical errors…
Jun 16, 2019 37

Open for Collaboration: SAP.iO Foundry Munich

Hey CX Startups: Applications are open for the SAP.iO Foundry Munich 2019 September…
Jun 14, 2019 33

ISU – Payment Lot Processing Overview

You might have a decade of SAP experience but when you get opportunity to work in a new…
Jun 13, 2019 38


In the first week of June the WWDC19 took place in San Jose. The WWDC (Worldwide…
Jun 13, 2019 36

SAPUI5 – Hybrid App Tutorial

There are enough tutorials flooded in the internet about SAPUI5. But in that crowded…
Jun 12, 2019 29

CDS Part 17. How to Overcome GUID Mismatch Linking Problem in ABAP CDS?

In my last article, I tried to show the limitation of Open SQL with respect to SQL…
Jun 06, 2019 58

SAPUI5 – How to Apply CSS in UI5 Apps?

We have talked enough about the basics of SAPUI5. Routing and Navigation, Binding,…
Jun 06, 2019 38

Interactive Adobe. Part 19. How to Merge an Image File with an Adobe PDF?

It is a very common business case where we need to add an image (jpg/bmp etc.) in an…

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Jun 06, 2019 28

Podcast: SAP CX Labs talk

We’re trying something new! New to us at least… This podcast is a bit of an experiment.…
Jun 04, 2019 61

Book Review – Core Data Services for ABAP

The editor of this book has rightlysaid: “This book is the instructionmanual for ABAP…
Jun 03, 2019 54

SAP Commerce Eclipse Plugin 2.0 Released

Hello colleagues! My name is Maxim Bilohay and I would like to tell you about the new…
Jun 03, 2019 99

Limitations of Open SQL Compared to SQL Script in HANA

Before you start perceiving an opinion on me, let me tell you something about my…
Jun 02, 2019 47

Testing the Payment Solution in SAP

Dmitry Kaglik June 3, 2019 SAP No Comment FacebookTwitterLinkedin
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Jun 01, 2019 32

Online Human Capital Management Training

SAP HR or Human Resource Management which is also known as Human Capital Management (HCM)…
May 30, 2019 33

ABAP – Power To Kill

OK. The title might look like click bait, but ABAP developers do have the Power to Kill…
May 30, 2019 39

Navigate your next to decision centric digital finance with SAP S/4HANA and disruptive technologies- Part I

Tweet In today's dynamic business environment decreasing revenuegrowth, rising economic
May 30, 2019 40

Navigate your next to decision centric digital finance with SAP S/4HANA and disruptive technologies- Part 1 of 2

Tweet In today's dynamic business environment decreasing revenuegrowth,
May 29, 2019 41

SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 is released. What is new?

Today SAP officially released a new version of SAP Commerce Cloud, 1905. “05” stands for…

What is the difference between OLTP & OLAP?
May 28, 2019 42

‘ABAP for SAP HANA’ Points to Remember

First Published on Oct 2014. Updated – May 29 2019. This page is a hand written note from…
May 26, 2019 56

Distribution List in SAP

Once again we are going back to basics. Today we would focus on the Distribution List in…
May 24, 2019 48

CDS Part 16. Usage of Built-In Functions in CDS – IV

In our Built In Functions in CDS we have covered SQL Functions, Unit/Currency Conversion…
May 23, 2019 48

devX Challenge Dublin

What a great outcome of the SAP devX Challenge (mix of Design Thinking & Hackathon) in…
May 23, 2019 45

SAPUI5 – List Control Using Formatters

In the concluded expression binding unit we learned how to show the value of the color…
May 22, 2019 53

Authentication with Hardware Security Keys and WebAuthn in SAP Commerce Cloud

In this article, I give a technical overview of hardware security key based…
May 20, 2019 47

A to Z of AL11 Operations

With A to Z of OLE Excel in ABAP 7.4 we explored a lot about excel file in SAP.…
May 19, 2019 57

Implementing Product Whitelisting/Blacklisting in SAP Commerce Cloud for Large Product and Customer Bases

Introduction Document-level access control ensures that the search results have only…
May 18, 2019 51

ABAP Units – Test a Little, Implement a Little, Reflect a Little

Introduction ABAP Units is an important concept from the perspective of testing which…
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May 16, 2019 46

Which SAP module is more useful, SAP HCM or success factor?

SAP HCM is one of the modules in SAP which mean Human Resource Management, or more…